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The first smart fabric that cleans itself

Ecoplen® is a unique fabric in the world capable of self-cleaning and purifying the air around it. Coated by TiO2 nanoparticles, it is capable of eliminating odors, dirt, viruses, bacteria and organic stains just with sunlight. Thanks to its self-cleaning capacity, water and energy savings are achieved, in addition to minimizing the maintenance time of our furniture; They are therefore sustainable fabrics and committed to the environment.

How does my Ecoplen fabric work?

The main advantages that Ecoplen offers are

ecoplen advantages
ecoplen advantages

Uses and applications of Ecoplen fabrics

Due to their unique characteristics, Ecoplen fabrics offer a multitude of applications such as cushions, indoor and outdoor upholstery, bed headboards, chairs, armchairs, curtains, nautical use, umbrellas and parasols. Being made of 100% mass-tinted acrylic, it is designed to withstand even the most adverse outdoor conditions.

Ecoplen takes care of our health and the environment

Ecoplen takes care of our health by keeping our home disinfected, free of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, constantly and permanently, thanks to the static biocidal substances fixed through nanotechnology to the textile fiber.

This new tissue full of life purifies the air around us by converting CO2 into oxygen, as if it were a living being. In addition to this, when the sun's UV rays come into contact with the surface of the fabric, the nanoparticles interact, eliminating any organic stain and neutralizing bad odors that may originate around the textile, such as, for example, smoke, tobacco, sweat or body odor, among others.

Ecoplen is a 100% sustainable fabric, it is not necessary to wash it due to dirt or disinfection, which guarantees us a
considerable savings of water and energy and also of our time.

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