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Since 1979, Espumas Iquitos has been dedicated to marketing and supplying top quality products for the furniture and interior decoration industry; offering a wide variety of national and imported products for both residential and commercial uses.

At Espumas Iquitos we have the representation of exclusive European brands, such as Ecoplen®, Atenzza®, Docril®, Aquaclean®, Visatex, Piel, Rioma and Revert; thus guaranteeing to always be at the forefront of trends in the world of decoration.

papel tapiz y mueble


At Espumas Iquitos we trust in the products we provide; It is for this reason that we grant up to 8 years of guarantee on our textile lines, being protected against discoloration, repellence of liquids and oils, wear due to rubbing, elimination of viruses and bacteria and use of recyclable and PFC-free materials. In addition we carry out rigorous studies on all our suppliers, with the aim that all our clients obtain the best products on the world market and are satisfied with the products purchased.

limpieza aquaclean


servicio al cliente

Customer service

asesoria y capacitacion

Consulting and training 



We are constantly searching for innovative technologies that improve the decoration industry. Patented technologies are part of the research, development and innovation managed by each of our suppliers.

We stand out for being effective and efficient in our service. No matter how big or small your project is, we will always make sure your project is unique. We want you to get the best possible result from every task you perform.

We offer efficient and continuous guidance and training in solutions that use cutting-edge technology, the most recent trends in fashion and design, as well as current laws and corresponding technical specifications.

Our product lines stand out for incorporating the latest trends in exterior and interior design.

We stand out for including cutting-edge modern products and smart home decor.

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