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anti virus
self-cleaning fabric
liquid repellency
uv protection

Ecoplen unites science and technology to create a unique fabric in the world capable of self-cleaning and purifying the air around it. Ecoplen is capable of eliminating odors, organic stains, fungi, bacteria, viruses and reflecting UV light, not allowing it to pass through. Smart indoor/outdoor fabric finishing premium self-cleaning. Timeless, versatile and powerful design that will provide a unique touch of distinction.

Properties and characteristics 

self-cleaning fabric


eliminates odors

Eliminates odors

UV protection fabric

UV protection

anti virus

Eliminates mites, viruses and bacteria

liquid repellent


purifies the air

Purifies the air

acrylic canvas

100% mass-tinted acrylic

oeko tex

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Care and recommendations

We suggest that you clean your Ecoplen® fabric with a soft bristle brush and rinse with water. For localized stains, clean with neutral detergent mixed with warm water (maximum 38 ºC / 100 ºF) and rinse with water. Our Ecoplen® products have a special treatment against mold. In the unlikely event that mold appears, it would be due to a population of microorganisms present in the dirt. Our Ecoplen® fabrics incorporate a water-repellent treatment. The effectiveness of this treatment decreases over time due to atmospheric agents and/or cleaning, but can be recovered using the different re-waterproofing products available. Our Ecoplen® fabrics can be dry ironed (below 66ºC / 150ºF) with the synthetic programme. Do not iron with steam.

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