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  • Do you cut foam?
    Yes, the foams purchased in our stores can be subjected to longitudinal cuts from 1cm onwards in foams greater than 2" thick. The cuts are made in machines to obtain a homogeneous and precise finish.
  • Do you ship to provinces?
    Yes, we ship to all provinces of Peru.
  • Can your fabrics be washed?
    Yes, all our fabrics are approved to be washed in a washing machine or by hand, but remember to follow the instructions specified for each fabric. Remember to never put an upholstery fabric in the dryer as it could shrink or void its warranty.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept payments in cash, transfers, interbank transfers, Yape, credit cards and debit cards.
  • Are exchanges or returns accepted?
    Unfortunately we do not accept exchanges and/or returns since all our products are cut or personalized at the time of delivery to our clients.
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