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The fabric that cleans itself with water!

Aquaclean® Technology is a fabric treatment that allows you to clean any stains (wine, colors, sauces, chocolate, grease, pencil, etc.), with just a little water and a paper towel, offering simple and free maintenance. of worries on any of your furniture. It doesn't matter if the stain has dried or is more than 24 hours old, Aquaclean® Technology will work its magic on your furniture.

How does my Aquaclean fabric work?

1. Remove excess residue spilled on the upholstery.

2. Apply water to the stain, either directly or with a wet, wrung-out absorbent cloth. Wait a few seconds.

3. Press on the stain with the cloth and gently rub over the fabric in circular motions. If the stain does not disappear completely, repeat the process as many times as necessary.

You can visit our channelYoutube to see how to clean all types of stains, even those that are more than 24 hours old!

aquaclean cleaning

What stains can I clean?

Well, practically all stains can be cleaned from your Aquaclean fabric, here are a few of the solid or liquid stains that are most common to find and that can be cleaned using only water and a clean cloth:

- Wine              - Chocolate          - Frozen

- Ketchup        - Down              - Coffee

- Crayolas        - Tempera          - Oil

- Milk            - Sillao                  - Yogurt

- Tea                  - Mud                  - Guacamole

Usos y aplicaciones de las telas Aquaclean

Stains seem to be a constant threat, whether at home, in hotels, restaurants, convention centers or offices, and smart solutions are needed to avoid inconveniences. The performance needed in high-traffic areas, where stains are common, is provided by Aquaclean® Technology. When it comes to keeping your design looking pristine after long days at work, a fabric that can be cleaned with just water is unmatched. Ideal for homes where intense commotion threatens furniture as well as for offices, restaurants and theaters

What is SafeFront?

SafeFront®  is a patented technology from the Aquaclean® group that protects the fabric against mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses, using a shield that naturally prevents their reproduction and, with it, the appearance of allergies. With this technology, a completely hygienic upholstery material is obtained. Ideal for spaces where humidity creates perfect environments for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Also applicable for homes with pets since SafeFront® prevents the reproduction of mites.

SafeFront acts permanently on them in two ways:


It limits its ability to reproduce and reduces its population.

Our ISO 20743:2013 8.1 certification was obtained by demonstrating a 99.9% reduction in the bacteria population in our fabrics after 24 hours.


It acts on the lipid barrier and in contact with water facilitates its solubility.

Our 18184:2019 certification was obtained by demonstrating a reduction of more than 91% in the virus population after 2 hours of continuous contact with them

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